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Yes, MyPDF is still in development and we are still working on it :)

The current version is 0.13 (16.12.2003) - this is still a beta version. So, when you watch the last available screenshots remember - this is a beta version, it means the text output is not "perfect" and some other things can be done better;)

What MyPDF can do at the moment:
- load and display some PDF document
- display info about the loaded document and actually displayed page (there is much more to show then you can imagine ;) )
- use history and bookmarks (up to 20)
- use page tree (page index) and partially thumbnails
- save some fonts used in the document (and not installed on your computer!):
- save images as JPEG (partially)
- save page contents as ASCII file
- use FreeType 2 Library with all it's features (specially antialiasing)
- change document info

What MyPDF will do in future:
- save graphics as vector pictures (GEM, CVG?)
- display protected documents
- partially (!!) edit PDFs - for example by adding page number
- create thumbnails
- create new page index (with bookmarks?)
- etc. etc.

Currently MyPDF runs under:
- SingleTOS (with and without NVDI),
- MiNT + N.AES, XaAES - last version fixes many problems,
- all versions of MagiC,
- emulators (like MagiCPC, MagiCMac, STemulator, TOSBox etc.).

To show you how MyPDF is going to look like we give you this screenshot as a preview.

(v. 0.10a)

(v. 0.04a)

To contact us please write an email to:
Rafal Kawecki or Eric Reboux