v. 0.12

This is a beta release of MyTask. So there are still many bugs in it ;)


Please report if you find any bug or if you have any comments or ideas.

Using MyTask you can also use something like SystemTray known from Windows:

Icons1 MyTask makes it possible to use this icons as normal buttons:

Icons2 But MyTask can only send an message to the application, that the uses has clicked on the icon! MyTask can't handle it!! (maybe in the future)

So, each application can install few icons. When you click on the icon MyTask sends a message to this application and then... MyPDF for example displays a small popup with a list of already opened documents.

Itīs also possible to change the name and color by the application. Like in this example:

New nameInstead of "MYPDF   " MyTask displayes blue text "MyPDF". This is possible by using GEMScript or speciall MyTask command (AV/VA). The programmer can also specify the BubbleGEM text to display (like on the above picture).

Usinge MyTask you can also display time and date in few format (including european and american standard):

Time1  Time2  Time3  Time4

As you can see, MyTask displays also actual free memory.

MyTask can also show you that the CapsLock key is pressed:

CapsLock (green background).

Ofcourse you can do much more with MyTask...

MyTask is based on StartMeUp! (by Thomas Much) so it has also fully working "Start" like button.

If you have any comments, ideas or if you have found a bug send me a short message:

Download the last official release 0.12:

New in 0.12:

- new name - MyTask. There is already a application called XTask, so I decided to change the name.
- Drag&Drop - you can drag a file on a application button. MyTask will send a speciall command and (if possible) the application will open the file. See picture:

- MyTask can display a list of opened windows for each applications

Window list
- "application tray" like in Windows - you can fast start your favorite applications

"application tray"
- new look for application buttons
- almost all options are now integrated in MyTask, you don't have to edit the "mytask.set" file
- many bug fixes

New in 0.03:

- implemented new time/date object with free memory
- new AV commands (like for example BubbleGEM text for each application)
- more texts are translated
- few new entrys in XTask.set file
- bug fixes

What's new in 0.02:

- GEMScript support
- some other improvements in the code
- bugfixes